Friday, February 22, 2013

We HAVE to get rid of some chickens!

Too many chickens. The ladies are really ramping up, and we're getting anywhere from 8-14 eggs a day. Craziness, and it's only gonna get worse as the days get longer.

Planning on culling a several of the poor producers and escape artists, and will be giving a few more to my pal Paula. That should take us down to nice small(er) number, and we'll be able to let Bellina and perhaps another hen hatch a couple batches of replacements this year. We're even considering buying some good dark maran eggs to pop under Belly when she goes broody. Fun fun fun!

Oh, and Paula... LJ will be on a new shift here soon, and I'll have some weekend time free. Totally willing to come help you dig your ditch. :)

Happy Friday, all!


Cat said...

HA! That is how I came onto my Golden Girls. I wanted 2. Husband said, oh, get three. Then we decided 4, so they would all have someone to be with. Then the man who sold us the birds GAVE us an extra. I am glad that I didn't start out wanting a 5, I probably would have ended up with a dozen!


LindaG said...

Such a problem to have. ;o)
Have a great weekend!

Paula said...

you're on babe. If you can stand a dirty house I'll cook you dinner too! said...

We've been making the dogs eggs every weekend. Their coats are always shiny and smooth. We've done that for generations in my family and it does seem to make a difference. But you sure are getting a lot of eggs. Chickens are wonderous animals! The Great Producer!