Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy holidays!

Haven't blogged in forever, or even kept up on my buddy's blogs, mostly because I've been horribly busy and stressed. My dept at work is rolling out a huge software project that has had me traveling all over the state and working plenty of OT, my favorite aunt is very very ill, LJ is having knee surgery on the 11th of January (tore his LCL), normal Christmas season tasks, regular home and critter upkeep, Afro was injured a few days ago(think she may have wrenched her neck sticking her head through the fence) and isn't eating. She just started drinking on her own today (been prying her mouth open several times a day) and I finally got her to eat today (put her favorite soft grass in her mouth and she ate it reluctantly).

In any case, apologize for being MIA for months. Hope everyone had/has a safe and fabulously fun Christmas and New Year's.

Take care, and be back soon!


kpannabecker said...

Glad you're back. sorry to hear about the illnesses and inuries. Hope 2012 brings good health to all. said...

We're patient...I hope everyone will be okay and that you'll get through this time of chaos. Sometimes, life is like that. Augh!


Paula said...

You have your hands full- hope everybody heals well!

Have a happy new year and prosperous 2012!

Swamp Dog said...

We have missed you, hope you get things settled soon.

dr momi said...

Oh no to all that! Prayers going up... Hope Afro keeps eating. We will all be here when you get time to be back on!