Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm gonna miss (most of) our turkeys

They are such handsome (stinky) boys. Friendly birds, they always have an eye on us when we're outside, and they come struttin up when we go out to the pen. They make all sorts of interesting sounds/calls, and will gobble back at you if you gobble at them. I especially like hearing them drum. Silly showoff boys. While I'm probably gonna jump up and down, applaud, AND cheer when the heritage birds go in the freezer (stupid, getting out all the time, breaking the chicken run heritage jerks), I'm going to be sad when we butcher the broad breasted boys.

Aren't they handsome?


kpannabecker said...

I know how you feel. We raised turkeys last year and they were so comical and entertaining. They were equally annoying, biting my ring or fingers as I tried unlatching gates or just getting in the way. They're so stupid, yet at times also smart. I was glad to put them in the freezer but still shed a few tears when I said goodbye. It all makes no sense. I'm glad I did it but we decided not to this year. Good luck.

Phelan said...

I was relived when we butchered this years toms. No more watching my back, and Small doesn't have to run from the gate to the house to keep them from attacking him.

LindaG said...

I'm sure I will find it hard when I finally butcher an animal, too. Fortunately my hubby was raised on a farm and to him, it's just what you do to eat.
I know that won't make it easier, but it will be a help to me.


dr momi said...

But they will taste good!!

Paula said...

That first picture is beautiful, Rae! Well composed of amazing looking birds. (and kind of scary in a Halloweeny sort of way)

Rae said...

KP- I hear ya on the stupid/smart. The heritage birds constantly find new ways to escape their pen, yet they're extremely easy to catch. Instead of running, they try to go THROUGH the fence.

Phelan- That's crazy! Though, I've seen some nasty toms, and can totally believe it. Perhaps we got lucky with our boys this year? It's the first time we've raised turkeys.

Linda- We know from the start that the birds and pigs are for food, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying having them around. The way we figure it is thus... these animals would have been bought for food by someone other than us, if we hadn't brought them home. So, we do our best to give them a great life while they are here, and while we'll be sad to see them go, we'll know that they had a better life than they might have had (given the sorry state of some of the farms in this area).

dr momi- Especially the heritage birds... LOL!

Paula- Thanks! Gotta love the iPhone camera. Takes pretty good pics. :)

Anonymous said...

So what is your plan for all your turkeys? Are you eating some and selling some?
Thanks for coming by my blog and for following along! :)